Flag - Series 04

by Medicom Toy released 08/2002
Format: 100%
Series: Series 04
Type: Standard
Rarity: 8.33%

FLAG is a famous Cossack dancer, nick named as "Battlekhov" He loves Cossack dancing than eating pirozhki.
He loves Cossack dances along lake Baikal. When he sees Siberian express, he takes out vodka from his fur cap, and drinks up. Then he started to chase the train by saying "I will get you, khov" Now he is a detector. "Shoot! I lost the criminal, khov. But I will get him next time, khov"
He is still not awake from his borshch-colored dream that he saw when he took a nap at Red Square.
(By the way, who is the criminal, anyway??)

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