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Basic [C] - Series 05

by Medicom Toy released 12/2002
Format: 100%
Series: Series 05
Type: Basic
Rarity: 1.62%

BASIC is a mastermind. Well, that's too much; he is an assistant of mastermind. BASIC hides underneath of Tatami mat, in order to make our lives smooth. With his eight other members, he protects us from trouble. Such as the time your back is itchy but can't reach the point, or when doted line on toilet paper is not matching, or having a hard time that sweet fish cake is too sweet…
They control the world by working in the background. That's BASIC. Thanks to their work, we are now safe from itchy back, irritation in a toilet, and concern about eating Sushi.
If you are still suffering with such troubles, it can be said that you are lacking of faith to BASIC. Repent of your sinful life.

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Language Tags: ベアブリック Bearbrick Be@rbrick

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